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Tromsø Geophysical Observatory Reports

Tromsø Geophysical Reports is a series of documents that for various reasons are not suited for publications in standard journals, but that Tromsø Geophysical Observatory nevertheless likes to make available to an audience beyond its own staff. The topics of the reports will be within the disciplines of Tromsø Geophysical Observatory: geomagnetism and upper atmosphere physics, the history of these included. The language will primarily be English.

The printed version is found in Norwegian libraries (see BIBSYS), issn 1504-1174. Copies can also be obtained, as long as stock lasts, on request to Tromsø Geophysical Observatory.

Electronic version, issn 0809-6228, (PDF) is found below.

TGO Reports nr. 5
Note on calibration of triaxial fluxgate magnetometers, by Truls Lynne Hansen and Anna Willer, 2020.

TGO Reports nr. 4
Da forskningen kom til Ny-Ă…lesund, en personlig beretning av Asgeir Brekke

TGO Reports nr. 3
A property of repetends of fractions 1/m2n-1 with m prime, equal to 3 modulus 4, and n any positive integer
O.J. Rødseth, S. Wennevold, N.J. Armstrong and R.J.Armstrong, 2010

TGO Reports nr. 2
Maximilian Hell's geomagnetic observations in Norway 1769, by Truls Lynne Hansen and Per Pippin Aspaas, 2005

TGO Reports nr. 1
Altitude calibration of the Tromsø medium frequency radar, by Chris M. Hall and Bjørn Ove Husøy, 2004


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