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TGO Reports no. 2.

Maximilian Hell's geomagnetic observations in Norway 1769, by Truls Lynne Hansen and Per Pippin Aspaas, 2005. [4], 119 pages

In the years 1768-1770 an expedition lead by the Austrian/Hungarian astronomer and Jesuit Father Maximilian Hell travelled to Vardø in the northernmost part of Norway. The main objective of the expedition was to observe the transit of Venus in June 1769.
However, scientific investigations in several other fields were also performed, among them observations of the magnetic declination. From the original Latin manuscripts a two months series of declinations in Vardø as well as a number of observations carried out on the return voyage from Vardø, have been extracted. Methods of observations are described. The manuscripts on which the work is based are reproduced in the report.

Full text:
To avoid a very large file due to the photographic reproduction of the manuscripts, the report is split in six sections:

Part 1 (4.1 Mb), pages 1-44. The main text section, with references on pp.

Part 2 (2.2 Mb), pages 45-60. Hell's manuscript with observations made in Vardø (MS Hell a)

Part 3-1 (2.2 Mb), pages 61-75. Hell's manuscript with observations on homeway journey, part 1 (MS Hell b, p. 1-22)

Part 3-2 (2.6 Mb), pages 76-91. Part two of same (MS Hell b, p. 23-38)

Part 3-3 (2.2 Mb), pages 92-106. Part three of same (MS Hell b, p. 39-52)

Part 4 (1.6 Mb), pages 107-119. Extract from Hell's astronomical notebook (MS Hell c), letters from Hell to Kratzenstein (MS Hell Kratzenstein), extract from Sajnovics' diary (MS Sajnovics

Part 5  Errata & additamenta

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